Roses Are Red

Summer is an English girl living in London. She has a secret kept from us. It could kill her and her friends.


3. An anything but perfect replica

Summer awoke in what she thought was London. It appeared like she was next to Cleopatra's Needle, next to the Thames, a midnight the streets dimly lit by lamp posts. A tune came whistling in the wind. The tune sounded familiar to Summer, like a haunting lullaby. She stood up and broke a heel on her one favourite boots.


“Damn" she screamed.


She glanced down the street to see if anyone heard. Even though it was late, people should still be walking up and down the street, stumbling out of bars, but it was like a ghost town abandoned for years.But this wasnt London only a perfect replica, but not perfect as it was going to kill her or hake her marry a prince of death.  Wait, if she was alone where were the others? Where was Darren, was he going to kill her? These thoughts rushed through her head like a hurricane. She felt her heart banging on the inside of her chest, its pace quickening.


"Oh crap not another panic attack" she muttered.


She thought of Tom, her heart beat slowed and the feeling of panic subsided. She loved him, not, Darren, and she knew Darren knew that. Her feelings for Tom doomed them all.

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