Spring Heeled Jack- An Inspector Lockhart mystery

London, 1837: The begining of the Victorian era. A man stalks the streets, hailed as a hero by some, condemed as a villian by others.
London, 2012: A young woman is attacked. Then another, slightly worse. It keeps going on untill a corpse appears in the Thames. Inspector Lockhart is slowly making connections. How could a boy from the 17th century, a superbeing from the 19th and a string of murders from the 21st be connected?


3. The Body

The Body

One day in old Liverpool town the feet of the devil is found.

“How have you got him?” Lockhart ran from his office and down to the cells. His eyes darted left to right, swiftly glimpsing people. One was obviously drunk, he wore a black hoody and was moaning “Where’s Mandy?” Another was a black woman wearing a boob tube and a mini skirt, shouting about assault. Not one of them were what Lockhart was looking for. Josh was trying to keep up. “Sir! He’s in cell 666.” Lockhart stopped. “Cell 666? But we don’t even have six hundred cells here!” Lockhart turned round and faced him. “No, I mean… You know. The one where we held Kevin.” Lockhart shuddered at the name. He realised how he had subconsciously blocked the case from his memory. Kevin had been a spree killer who had been dumped by his boyfriend. They had only managed to capture him alive because of luck.  For that case Lockhart and some of his team had been promoted. It was Lockhart’s quick thinking which had solved the case. His superior officer, Detective Inspector Davis had been dismissed from the force because he did not make the same connections as Lockhart. If it had not been for Lockhart, Kevin would have not faced trial. Lockhart went to the cell known as 666. A shortish man was in the cell. A constable was standing next to him inside the cell and another one was outside. “This man was said to have attacked Jane Flirty according to an eye witness.” “How did you capture him so quickly?” Lockhart was staring at the man intently. He seemed different but not the killer. Something in his bones told him this was not the man they were looking for. “An eye witness told us sir,” “What eye witness?” Lockhart began to scratch the back of his neck. “Some old bloke I think. He seemed quite sprightly for his age.” “And you just arrested this man?! What are you, idiots?!” Lockhart stomped back to his office. Josh ran after him. “Sir, when will we go for a press release?” “Why do we need to have a press release?” Lockhart had never trusted the press. They lied and they cheated. He knew some good journalists but a lot of them lived in the world of The Grimm’s Fairy Tales. “Well, Chief Inspector Dublex thinks it would help sir.” Lockhart groaned inwardly. When he arrived back in his office he found a young constable standing next to the bin. “Sir, there has been another attack.” Lockhart blinked. He noticed the constable had not shaved. Lockhart mentally forced himself back onto the case in hand. “What happened?” “Well… It’s a nasty sight sir. The girl he attacked… Well she’s dead sir.” He gulped before continuing. “On the wall -  he painted in her blood “I know who Jack was.” Lockhart began to savagely scratch behind his neck. “He’s a Ripper follower,” said the Constable. “Constable, we must not assume this. Are the pathologists at the scene?” Lockhart grabbed his mobile phone from his desk “Yes sir they are.” “Excellent. Now then, let’s go and see the body.”

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