Spring Heeled Jack- An Inspector Lockhart mystery

London, 1837: The begining of the Victorian era. A man stalks the streets, hailed as a hero by some, condemed as a villian by others.
London, 2012: A young woman is attacked. Then another, slightly worse. It keeps going on untill a corpse appears in the Thames. Inspector Lockhart is slowly making connections. How could a boy from the 17th century, a superbeing from the 19th and a string of murders from the 21st be connected?


4. Dead Men Walking

Dead Men Walking



“Welcome, Inspector to hell.” Doctor Jane Smith led Lockhart through the baggy entrance of the tent to the body. She lay face down. Her clothes were ripped. The wall was covered in blood. The message screamed out at Lockhart almost as though it was meant for him.

“How did she die?” Josh was stomping his feet to try and keep the cold out.

“She was attacked from behind. She tried to turn around and struggle, as you can see from the defensive wounds on her arms.  He stabbed her through the back. It would have taken a while for her to die. I’m not sure but I think he painted the wall with her blood when she was still alive. “

“Jesus,” Lockhart murmured. Josh had his head out of the tent. It sounded like he was being sick.

“Time of death?” Miranda Dublex appeared like a demon escaping from a lamp. Lockhart sighed. She always turned up at the wrong time. Dr Smith stood up.

“I’d say about 12 hours ago.”

“So before the first attack?” Dublex had taken out a small notepad and was writing in it. The cheek of the women, Lockhart thought. She gave me the case now she is taking over!

“If you don’t mind me asking Ma’am, why are you here?” Dublex smiled slightly.

        “Because, Inspector there should be a senior officer on the case, since there is not, I am, for the moment, taking over.”

“What?” Lockhart could barely believe his ears.

“Indeed. I should also be asking you what are you doing here?” She placed her notepad into the pocket of her suit.

“Because there is a connection with the Flirty…”- Lockhart was stopped in his tracks.

“What connection? There is no connection! You should be working on the Flirty case, not this one. If you find a connection then I shall let you back on the case but for the moment, sod off!” Lockhart gritted his teeth and left the tent. He knew there was a connection. He also knew that his boss was concealing something. Was she withholding information? Lockhart did not know but he knew one thing. Miranda Dublex was hiding something from him

 and he intended to find out what.

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