Dark Poems

Wow, my Seventh movella and I've only been here 10 days. Oh well. Anyway, this is a collection of poems. They aren't perfect, nor are they the best. But I wrote them when I needed to. Enjoy!


13. The Girl With Pale Blonde Hair

(I have nothing against blondes. This is a child abuse poem. One against child abuse, that is.)


Thin face and pale blonde hair,

She sat in the corner all day.

Her parents' love was never there,

Her daddy wouldn't even let her go out to play.


Then one day when the sun went down,

Her parents' came home from work.

She ran and ran from their unfriendly frowns,

But it was too late-oh, it really hurt!


So for the sake of the girl with pale blonde hair,

Who was scarred by the whip,

And is no longer there,

Please stop this.

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