Dark Poems

Wow, my Seventh movella and I've only been here 10 days. Oh well. Anyway, this is a collection of poems. They aren't perfect, nor are they the best. But I wrote them when I needed to. Enjoy!


7. Call Yourself Kind

You call yourself kind, but my heart was broken tonight.

Thoughts left behind, I cease to shine so bright.

Maybe if the sun shone in the day,

Maybe if I could get away.

Don't blame it on the victim this time,

You stole my life and all that was mine.

Perhaps we're better off this way,

Then my heart won't have to pay.


You say you want peace,

But how can that be.

When you're causing all the trouble,

If I let you go it'll be double.

And every hour I look back,

I remember you attack.

I hope you've found,

Hurt won't save you this time around.

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