Dark Poems

Wow, my Seventh movella and I've only been here 10 days. Oh well. Anyway, this is a collection of poems. They aren't perfect, nor are they the best. But I wrote them when I needed to. Enjoy!


6. Always Broken

Always Broken,

Never knowing,

Who I am.


Always seeing last,

That I'm falling fast,

You never reach out to grab my hand.


In free fall,

I could lose it all,

Because you couldn't care enough.


Maybe if you opened your eyes,

You would see the biggest surprise,

That the world isn't all about you.


Now the strong hand of death,

Has brought me my last breath,

Heart still beating and eyes still weeping.


I fall for you,

But you don't know it's true,

I'm falling because of you.


Your eyes see my eyes,

Everybody cries,

But you.

Everybody dies,

But you.

Everybody cares,

But you.

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