If Only

About a boy who has been broken up with due to a betrayal of trust, he now reflects on what went wrong and tries to make an apology


1. If only

If only it was different between us

But whats done is done

I wish it was different between us

Because neither of us have won

I had hoped you were the one

I never wanted us to be apart

Never have I felt this way before

You still have the key to my heart

It was a betrayal of trust

That's what stopped our path

But now its you minus me

Thats not hard math

My love for you was as solid as a rock

It couldn't be compared

People could have judged me

I wouldn't have cared

Unfortuantely, that's changed now

I care to much

It's over between us now

To eachother we must now be double dutch

I'm sorry for betraying your trust

I'm sorry for making such a huge fuss

I'm sorry I caused you so much pain

If only it was different between us

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