Spinning Round and Round


1. Spinning Round and Round

They say happy endings never happen,

that love is just a fantasy.

They say no one's ever perfect,

or that we should try to change.

They say that soul mates never exist,

and every dream will end in pain.

But I'm already dreaming of,

sandy white beaches

blue skies

no one but you, sitting by my side.

And then I'm spinning round and round

in the truest fantasy I've ever dreamed.



They say sad stories,

are the right road to reality

They say never give up,

but always be ready to fall.

They say never put your head,

where the rest of you can't follow.

But now I'm already stuck

In an endless story

with a prince in shining amour

and the perfect glass shoe.

Then I'm spinning round and round

in the best fairy tale ever written.



They say books should stay read,

and movies only watched.

That the real world should be kept separate from,

all the things we dream of.

This I know is true But when I think of him

I'm bound by no set of rules

No tall lonely walls of reality

No boundaries of the truth

Instead I'm touching heaven

leaping through the skies

one day gravity will catch up,

but until then,

I'm spinning round and round

praying I won't ever stop.

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