True Love Never Dies

Iliana is dying she knew her life is ending since she was born.Her Life has been harsh and when she meets Nick and falls in love she is overjoyed but there is only one problem she is Dying can True love stay forever.


4. A new Start

My illness left me within a couple of days the doctor was shocked but also pleased.

Within a couple of days i could walk,run and dance.I ran to my mom.

"I'm so pleased and overjoyed to see you alive i thought my heart would die"My mom whispered.

"I'm perfectly well all thanks to Nick loving me anyway as were talking about Nick i want to marry him"i replied.

Within a few weeks we were married Nick and me.Were on the beach playing catch i just wnat to tell you that true love never dies especially when you have a guy like Nick.

He is my secret and my love.Now your probally looking for a happy ending yes your correct we are now living very happily and peacefully all thanks to my love.

"I love you"Nick whispered to me.

"I love you even more"i whispered.

Before he kissed me in the moonlight.Love is beautiful.

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