my dream valentine


1. the whole poem

My dream valentine        Love is that feeling you cannot erase, When I’m with you I feel like I’m in space, I am so lucky I’ll never lose you, Because I can’t have you Looking into your eyes is like downing in a chocolate river, When I think of you it makes me shiver, My heart beats with you and never with another, I dream of you your hand in mine, So think of me this Valentine’s, Not only then but all through the year,  With you by my side I have no fear, All through winter, summer, autumn, spring, You’re in control of my heart pulling strings,  I wish I knew you better, But I suppose there are only 3 words and 8 letters, There is nowhere in the world I’d rather be than in your arms, Looking into your eyes, Like the sun beaming down on me on a hot summers day, So don’t let me go, I’ll always be there, So show me you care, One day this won’t be a dream, Forever you and me, You might not ever read this But it is about you You might not think it but it is true I love you.

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