Learning The Escape


4. The Plan Of The Escape

She clattered out of the shower room,dripping wet as a towel caressed her body.   Reaching for the laptop,  her heart pounded as she was greeted with the recipt of her honeymoon as the welcoming screen on the computer .  She quickly closed the page and opened a new one,  knowing exacly what she needed to do, as she searched for a quick and random train ticket to somewhere far away.

Lost in her own thoughts, she was unaware that  her fiance had just entered the house and was about to capture the drastic information on the open 'agony aunt page' of "Flash Magazinewaiting on the ground floor of the house. Before he had a chance to glance, read and take in the horror of the story, she'd booked the ticket, packed and fled,  whilst  leaving the computer screen on, displaying the receipt of her booked train ticket stating the time, place and destination.



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