Learning The Escape


1. A Question For The Heart

She didnt love him.

There was something inside of her refusing to love him, but why? This was a mystery to both her and her feelings. She was scared to deny her love for him... she knew what he was capable of, but was she committed to spend a life time of forbidden love, with a man her heart didnt belong to? Well it was time to decide, as he rested on one knee on the ground below her, clutching a silk box containing what she was willing not to be a ring of marriage.

She was so fragile and on edge, she couldnt handle the tension. She could feel the goose bumps rising on her arms as he gently revealed a delicate shimmering white rock, caressed by a white gold band, measured to the perfect size of her promise finger on her hidden left hand. As she stole her cold blue eyes away from the silk box , her eyes met his and at that moment, while her feelings were on a rush, the heartfilled words "will you marry me?" passed through his smirking lips.

She shuddered, as she felt her cheeks turning scarlett and her heart racing rapidly. Which was more relevent as this point, she could not decide.  As a rush of cold blood passed through her shaking body, she gasped for both her's and his sake, as she quoted promisingly "yes". His face lit up to show the tense emotion of love and happienness shining from within him. He grabbed her by the waist and swung her round as she held onto him like a bird with no wings pleading for support. what had she done?  


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