Pirate Peril

Sequel to Winter Crisis. I wrote this around 6 months ago, before I knew about this website, but enjoy all the same! Sorry for the current absence of a cover, I'll have one soon, as it is handrawn. And I'll also find the blurb to add.
We join Lydia on her second adventure, as she sets out on the deep when chaos hits home. Can she survive the raging waters?


9. Silence Really Is A Virtue

An invasive light disturbed Lydia sleep that night. It was as if each particle of light was trying to pierce the polluted cloth that was five inches from Lydia’s face. Surrounding the northaan were several buckets and strips of useless cloth that had evidently been long forgotten. After raking spiders out of her hair, overcoming the pain of pulling out a number of splinters, then slowly regaining her sense of vision, the teen groped through the dark for the items she felt around her. A lot of searching led to nothing, so Lydia sat there trying to remember what it felt like to be normal. Something inside Lydia sank lower. She still couldn’t believe the way she had entered all this-an innocent girl, running away from terror.

If it hadn’t been for the noise that reached out to Lydia through the scrabbling then Lydia would probably never have found out that important information, and would’ve lost another parent due to the fact that she didn’t know things. So, Lydia, sick of being kept in the dark, paused in her activities, and listened, not even attempting to ease herself back to sleep or prevent the light from illuminating her hideaway. If anything, she felt like a person-in-the-wrong, a thief, an invalid, (there were many names for it) while she listened to the conversation taking place not far from where she laid. “So… I heard that we have new prisoners?” One voice said. “Yes. What would you like to do with them?” A second voice confirmed. “What would you suggest we do to them?” Snapped the first voice. “Easy, easy!” Hissed the second. “A burning, then.” The first man suggested. “Yes and no. It’ll be boring, and we do those all the time…” The second person returned. Lydia prodded the cloth gently, to see two manly figures staring daggers at each other on a soaking wet deck. “And you would rather…” Said the first person, prompting the second. “Maybe we could get a new pirate.” He stared at the disapproving look displayed on his fellow pirate’s features. “But not from the prisoners, o’ course.” Lydia saw the first man’s features relax. “I was thinking that Lilly really needs to get some work done, you’re going soft! What is she now? Eleven, Twelve?” “How dare you!” Without warning, his face turned a bold shade of crimson. “No, Lilly will not take part in this!” His fury grew. “Come on! This is the real world, Jason!” Both men were flustered. What Lydia had just heard knocked her off guard temporarily, very nearly causing her to fall out of the boat, very nearly bringing her world down around her. “Alright, she’ll do it. But she will not be pressured.” “Naturally. She is your daughter.” Fake calmness came in waves from the sentence. And with that, the conversation was ended. Lydia struggled to get her head around (not literally) what she had just heard. A girl? Around her age? Being forced to murder? And a man called Jason. Jason… Where had she heard that before? Before Lydia could answer that, she realized that her energy had deterred a great deal during her eavesdropping session, her head lolled back and her eyelids grew heavy. Without knowing it, Lydia was asleep. Her dreams were plagued by people with swords, prisons bars and guards, shot guns and flares of fire, death and ropes, becoming ever tighter, slowly squeezing the air from her body, slowly taking her life from her-bit by bit.

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