Pirate Peril

Sequel to Winter Crisis. I wrote this around 6 months ago, before I knew about this website, but enjoy all the same! Sorry for the current absence of a cover, I'll have one soon, as it is handrawn. And I'll also find the blurb to add.
We join Lydia on her second adventure, as she sets out on the deep when chaos hits home. Can she survive the raging waters?


18. Drifting Apart

There, outlined by the sun was Andy Stallward, and leaning over his shoulder stood Lydia’s Father. Glancing down at the boot-shaped indent on Tough Guy’s shirt, both girls become conscious of the fact it was Andy who had knocked him down, and judging by the mark on the back of his shirt, this sailor was a pretty good kicker! “This is Andy, girls. And this is…” he said, gesturing first towards his fellow sea-fairer then, this time in confusion, to Tough Guy. “Tough Guy.” Lydia stated. “That’s what we call him, right Lilly?” Lilly’s eyes were still focused on the body. “Lilly.” “Oh, yeah, I…” She trailed off, returning to her mesmerised state. “Is something wrong?” Queried Mr Anderson, out of pure warmth. “He’s just so…crumpled.” A shiver ran down Lilly’s spine as the thought of the body (whose arm was noticeably sticking out at an odd angle) crossed her mind. “Come on, let’s go.” Lydia commanded, moving into the doorway. “Wait, go where?” Staring at three blank faces made Lilly think that she was in another dimension to them. “I’ll go and get my siblings then.” She sighed, finally accepting she wasn’t going to get an answer from them.

Twenty minutes later, surrounded by her two younger siblings, one boy, one girl, Lilly met Lydia and her companions at the docking room. Dispersed around the room were the remnants of small travelling boats, torn apart to be used as weapons. The group had already formed a ‘plan of action’. They were just about ready to depart when they heard. “What are you doing?” It raged. Heads turned to see Jason standing but a few feet away. “I said what are you doing?” Jason repeated at his their lack of response. He advanced on them several steps, immediately followed by Mr Anderson, who raised his hand to chest-level and said “Come on, no need to make a show, just leave us be.” But Jason wouldn’t see reason… He came rushing towards them, his face alight with anger. “Come ‘ere you little brat!” He cried. That was it; Lilly snapped emotionally. Her hands connected with his shoulders instantly, making him collide with the hull of the boat. As he crashed, the group heard a sickening crunch of bones. They looked down at the unconscious captain, wondering how many there were going to be when they left that boat. Unwelcome as it was, the sound of trickling water reached Lydia’s ears. “What’s that…” She whispered, her eyes searching the room, although everyone else looked just as confused as her. Spurting from an increasingly large crack in the boards, water began soaking Jason’s resting face, alarming the escapees. Rushing to a boat, Lydia seized it and screamed, “Follow me!” She scrambled up a stairway hoping that she’d chosen the right one. The six of them emerged on the deck, which had changed amazingly since they had left it. Men and women alike lined the perimeter with bandages, towels and water, many-but not all-of them seemed to be treating wounds of some kind. Approaching them was the slim pirate, who fired a million questions at them, only one of which they heard, “Where’s the captain?” “Down there.” Lilly directed him towards the stairway. “Where?” He said, his lack of intelligence showing. “There, you dimwit.” Lilly groaned sourly. The slim pirate’s mouth formed an ‘O’ shape and he moved on. Lilly rolled her eyes, as anyone would if they had spent the majority of their life with that particular pirate.

Lydia set the boat at the verge of the ship, attracting attention with the mild bang it produced. As the remainder of the prisoners, the pirate crew appeared to come out of a trance and recognize they were ‘up a frozen creek without a paddle’, or in other words, they were in a very sticky situation, without their leader. At least no one had to take on the tedious responsibility of finding Jason. Pirates converged around of the panicking escapees, thinking they were blocking every exit-but one thing had escaped their minds, these people weren’t afraid to jump. Lilly shovelled her way through the human cage and stood facing the pirates whilst her allies boarded the travelling boat. ‘The enemy’ was closing in now, and Lilly felt a hand on the back of her tank top, then moments later she found herself ramming into the ornate barrier of the boat and flying over it. Lilly’s breathe was caught, her heart was racing, she didn’t know whether she’d make it out of this; she closed her eyes so as to numb her pain in some way by not seeing everyone else’s. Feeling herself making contact with some material thing, she theorized that she could be on the ocean floor, and would only have moments to live, however, when her outstretched arms met solid human body, at first she thought others had received the same fate as her, nevertheless she couldn’t prolong breathing any longer and she gasped as she took in the air around her-yes, air. She must have been on the surface of the water! It suddenly came to Lilly that she hadn’t opened her eyes yet, and they were drifting away, away from her father whom she imagined weighed down by feet of water, drifting away from her father’s ‘employees’, drifting away from her home, drifting away from everything she knew, and into whole new worlds she had no knowledge of. “We’re drifting apart Dad, drifting apart…” She softly whispered to herself, staring teary-eyed at her dwelling place, just before her lids became heavy and she slid into a long, troubled sleep.

A jolt awoke Lilly and she saw her little sister slamming her hands on the boat’s floor and giggling excitedly, watching her male sibling yelling ‘Land!’ Lilly looked up to see a small island-a very small island. Despite her discomfort, Lilly felt overjoyed that she had finally reached solid ground. Lydia was flooded with the same relief, but because she knew that, no matter what, she was amongst friends, she was home.

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