Pirate Peril

Sequel to Winter Crisis. I wrote this around 6 months ago, before I knew about this website, but enjoy all the same! Sorry for the current absence of a cover, I'll have one soon, as it is handrawn. And I'll also find the blurb to add.
We join Lydia on her second adventure, as she sets out on the deep when chaos hits home. Can she survive the raging waters?


7. A Piece Of The Puzzle

Scraps of food fell into Lydia’s hands, she whizzed round, subsequently falling face down onto the floor of what seemed to be an office. Photos were scattered on the dusty surfaces and notes were far from scarce. Lydia picked up one of the photographs lying lifelessly on a table that seemed to be more paper than desk, it read ‘the sunsets in the bay at Asia were awesome Dad!’ The writing was too neat to be a boy’s handwriting, so she presumed it was a girl’s.  Visualizing the sunset, the teenage northaan wandered aimlessly about the room, the image she found at the back of her mind was unusual, unlike any other sunset she had ever seen!

Just when Lydia was preparing to leave, something caught her eye, and then she backed away from the door, seizing the object of her curiosity. It was an ancient sheet of paper, a diary entry to be precise.

‘With all my possessions lost, even my dignity, I have no choice but to join these pirates. They are strong, and I will be too. We will be a great force together, and they, one day, will be at my feet.’

Beneath this was another entry.

‘They have taken me as their leader, and I have found safety in them. They tell me they are conquerors.’

Lydia found the final entry and began to read…

‘Today, I discovered of the real happenings behind the conqueror story, but I have nothing left to salvage of my life, all that is left to do is give in to the never-ending circle of piracy.’

The voice in Lydia’s head finished. Hearing footsteps, she crammed the papers into her pockets then left. Out on the deck, the scene was breath-taking. Due to Lydia’s inattention to where she was going, she caught her foot in a hole twice (ouch), and found herself leaning half over the side of the boat (uh-oh and eek!) Lydia finished her night, snuggled down in a boat, feeling safe despite her situation. She felt like all the stars were shining down on her, blinding people from seeing her hidden in that boat…

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