The Matchmaker

Jenny got dumped by her boyfriend, and now it's my mission to get her with someone by Valentine's Day. Now, I'm thinking Crowe Ridges; well-liked, rather unintelligent, good-looking Crowe Ridges.
Problem is, he has his eye on ME.


2. jenny = subject b

Allie set her jaw, absent-mindedly drawing circles on paper with purple pen. It was taking Subject B over six minutes to walk from her maths classroom to the cafeteria – which was five minutes and fifteen seconds away. Also, that incident with Crowe was keeping her very tense.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, she thought. First rule to matchmaking? Contact with only one of the subjects is acceptable; strictly no contact otherwise. Under any circumstances. Ever.

She stabbed the paper viciously, over and over again. Purple dots painted the surface like an abstract product of pointillism. She narrowed her eyes as an image of Crowe passed through her thoughts. Stab. The point of her pen punctured the paper, leaving a circular perforation in its place. Allie glared at the hole, and sighed. She was resigned to balling up the paper and throwing it at the bin, placed near the entrance of the cafeteria.

A girl chose this precise moment to walk into the cafeteria, and Allie quickly turned away from the doors as the girl was greeted with a grape-scented paper ball. She daintily picked it up and put it into the bin.

Jenny Smyth. Long, straight blonde hair, hazel eyes. She was a pretty girl. Jenny had been dumped by her boyfriend a few weeks ago, so Allie had taken it upon herself to bring Jenny and Crowe together. In Crowe’s case, her eye had been on him since the first day she had seen him – she was just waiting for someone to show up on her radar so that she could shove them together.

“Jenny,” Allie smiled sweetly, attempting to ignore Subject B’s lateness. Allie had a funny relationship with punctuality.

“Hi,” Jenny looked a little troubled. She glanced left and right every so often, and Allie supposed it was because she was nervous about Allie playing matchmaker.

“Now, now,” Allie patted Jenny’s hand. The other girl flinched. “There’s no need to be afraid of my incompetency; I have successfully paired eighteen couples over my career. I am certain that your case will be the same.”

Jenny frowned a little. “I’m not worried about that. It’s just…I can’t be seen talking to someone like you.”

Allie adopted a perplexed expression.

“Someone like me?”

“Yeah, you know,” Jenny lowered her voice to a whisper. “A nerd.”

Allie gave Jenny a little smile.

“I know,” she whispered back. “Thank you.”

Jenny shot Allie a long look that expressed her doubts for her sanity. “So, for this…” here, she paused. “Matchmaking thing. Who are you setting me up with? I swear, if you put me with any of your weird nerd friends –”

“Crowe Ridges,” Allie interrupted nonchalantly.


“I know, it’s great, isn’t it?” Allie grinned.

“What- No, no, this isn’t great at all!” Jenny sputtered.

Allie frowned. She was sure Jenny would appreciate Crowe. From Jenny’s viewpoint, Crowe was – and these words were borrowed from her own mouth – “a total hottie”. Perhaps Allie had judged wrong; maybe Jenny really did value intellect over appearance.

“What’s wrong?” Allie asked hesitantly.

“He’s…I…I hate to say this, but he’s totally out of my league,” Jenny answered, honesty biting her ego.

“He is not,” Allie dismissed immediately. “You are both aesthetically appealing homo sapiens with an interest in sport. To be honest, I believe this is my easiest assignment yet – rumour has it that your mother has spoken to Crowe’s mother about keeping the joint family business in the blood, and in a few years will ask whether you want to marry Crowe. I’m just here to ensure Crowe will agree when the time comes, so it’s more or less for your sake than his, as I suspect it would not be in your best interests to be rejected.”

Jenny’s eyes had widened to an odd proportion, giving her the appearance of an aggravated blowfish. “Where did you hear that rumour?” Jenny asked faintly.

“Sources,” Allie tapped her nose conspiratorially. “All I need is your consent. Do you want Crowe?”


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