Organ grind

An after thought. It was something a friend challenged me to do, so i did it. He gave me an hour, i did it in half of that. I was thinking of placing it in Anarchyville but that seems to have gotten no real attention so for now this will stand alone and wont be relevant to that other little project.


1. Organ Grind

"Hello" A voice calls out. An empty voice, almost empty ion an ironic way.

"Hello?" A voice wheezes back in a way that if it was made obvious who said it, it would be almost annoyingly obvious that the person has a wheeze.

"Who is that?"

"Well, im the lungs, you?"

"Stomach" The first voice calls back. The darkness is less powerful now. It is more red, murky, like being submerged in blood and flesh, well, exactly like that, because they are in fact submerged beneath blood and flesh.

"Well, do you know what happened?"

"Well, i think the answer is a bottle of pills and liquor, what happened on your end?"

"Nothing came up, so i couldn't do fuck all."


"Oh, while we are talking, why the hell hasn't the heart said anything?"

Then, in a very slow and disjointed voice, came a reply to that question. "Well, i don’t think we have long. Sorry guys."

"Does he have a donor card?" The stomach asks only half hopefully.

"No, why would a fucking drug addict and sex fiend have a donor card?"

"Speaking of sex fiend, the lower half isn’t responding." The heart adds sadly. "Not even the legs."

"Christ." Lungs says. "Im getting tired, can you pump i little more?"

"No, im doing as much as i can." You can hear the strain in the voice, the heart is pumping hard, contracting as much as it can bear without giving out. The lungs is doing what it can. But the stomach is doing nothing.

The stomach starts speaking. "Guys. We don’t have long, but, can we tell if he has visitors?" The question seems innocent, but if the stomach itself had a stomach, it would have butterflies in it. It knows what it must do.

"I can try and find out." The lungs say, sending a breath of air to the brain. "Anyone to see him." They all hear the response in their nerve and soft tissue. Vibrating the molecules, genes and nerves that make up their forms and intersect and weave chromosomes. The answer, is 'yes, his mother, they are alone'.

The stomach thinks to its self. This guy needs to have peace. And powering so many things is holding back consciousness. "If." It began. "If i shut down, he might have a minute to make peace, then doctors will come in, you will be able to keep him stable for another few seconds."

"No, don't leave" The heart said. "Don't"

"We are on a sinking ship. All i can do is give him more more time."

"Don't leave me" A heart having a broken heart is almost poetic. "Please, i..." The stomach shushes the heart. Tells it that everything will be ok. If it had arms it would hold it. It if had lips it would brush its forehead with them. If the heart had an ear, it would whisper sweet nothingness in there.

"Goodbye" It whispered.

The stomach shut down, blood stopped going to it, blocked off, as if the body re-wired itself to accommodate this. The heart, sobbing still, pumped blood the lungs took i more oxygen. The bodies eyes opened.

"Mum..." The body said.

"Oh son" She hugs it. The electrical impulses that reach the nerves tell them so. "Don't ever do that again." The lungs considered the thought that 'this guy won't have another chance to do whatever the hell he did again' but didn't let his thoughts be known.

"Im sorry mum." The brain told the mouth and lips to make the words. But the speech was slurred, the impulses missed a few muscles and nerves. "You" The words were hard to make, the lungs took in less and less oxygen, and the heart itself had secretly given up on prolonging life.

The eyes watched the mum brake into tears. The limbs flexed, the right hand met the mums shoulder. This last movement eventually slowed down the surviving organs.

"We...won't be able to come back from this..."

"No." The lung wheezed. "We won't-" A sound of snapping, and a prolonged scream of agony.



"What? What the hell happened?"

The right lung had collapsed in on itself. "Im. Going away..." The lung said whilst filling up with blood.

The heart was soon alone. Even the glow of meat and blood encasing it lost its shine. It beat. One, two, three, four. One...two...three...four. O-one...t-t-two...three...f-f-fooouuuuuurrrr.

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