Hate... enough said.


1. Hate



The laughter of a child, boundless and free 

Stifled and smothered by hate,

Welcoming, beckoning tears as they flow,

Iridescent, hanging like lustrous spiders' silk


The grace of a dove, soaring through the brilliant blue,

Mutilated by hate, singeing its feathers,

As its pure, pristine whiteness succumbs to

Darkness, driving away dazzling intensity with deadly iniquity


Tendrils of smoke curling around

the flaming, blazing petals of a rose

Turning its silken rouged innocence

to an irrevocable black, descending into the abyss 


And the dreams of those who can

Lie in shattered shards like broken glass

Lacerating those who dare rectify

The damage done by Hate

And those who stare at the remnants of their desires

Feel hatred stirring in their hearts

And darkness flickers in their eye-

Hate, as it consumes them 


And as the world rejoices this Valentine's day

As love and affection pervade,

Looming in the shadows, with malice in Its heart-


Let He not visit you.   

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