First Day In Forever

Amy has always dreamt of being prom queen, but not being part of the popular group hasn’t helped her. Neither has not being able to get a date, when she really wants Lucas, her crush, to ask her. When her best friends suggests a blind date, Amy decides to take the plunge, but will it all work out?

Leave me a comment saying if you’re Team Logan, Chace or Lucas :D Thanks xoxo

I would love if you could leave me some comments as to what to include next in the book, because I’d love to hear your ideas for the plot! Thanks :D

© Ciara Murphy 2011

UPDATE Hey, everyone – it’s been a while! Anywho, an updated draft of FDIF has been sitting on my computer for a while, so I thought I may as well upload it as I continue to make improvements. This way, I can take your comments into account and hopefully each edit will be better than the last! Thank you all for your support, means a lot to me :D


23. Ruins

I stood there for a couple of moments as I wondered whether Logan would come or not. Eventually, he pushed the curtains aside and unlocked the door to the balcony. I gasped as I saw him, wearing a tuxedo and blue tie, similar to the one Chace had been wearing. He looked so good I really wished he was mine. All thoughts of Chace and Lucas vanished from my mind. "I didn't want to waste a perfectly good outfit" Logan said as he walked out onto the balcony. I felt tears prickling at the side of my eyes. "I'm so sorry" I said, my voice breaking with emotion, "I made such a stupid mistake" A tear rolled down my cheek. "Amy, I'd really like to forgive you, but you blew me off. You don't realise how much I wanted to go with you, and then you changed your mind." he said sternly. "I'm so sorry" I mumbled as tears flowed down my cheek. "How do I know you're not going to break my heart again?" he asked. "Because I really like you, Logan, and I don't want to lose you again. I can prove it..." I said as I reached into my clutch. Logan's face softened as I took out a dying pink rose that Logan had given me the day after we first met. "I kept it. You were always with me. Even when I was with Lucas, I was thinking of you." I said as I looked up at the balcony. Logan turned around and shut the balcony door behind him. He hadn't forgiven me. He probably never would. As I thought of life without Logan, the sobs ripped through me and I felt weak at the knees. My prom night was officially ruined.

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