First Day In Forever

Amy has always dreamt of being prom queen, but not being part of the popular group hasn’t helped her. Neither has not being able to get a date, when she really wants Lucas, her crush, to ask her. When her best friends suggests a blind date, Amy decides to take the plunge, but will it all work out?

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I would love if you could leave me some comments as to what to include next in the book, because I’d love to hear your ideas for the plot! Thanks :D

© Ciara Murphy 2011

UPDATE Hey, everyone – it’s been a while! Anywho, an updated draft of FDIF has been sitting on my computer for a while, so I thought I may as well upload it as I continue to make improvements. This way, I can take your comments into account and hopefully each edit will be better than the last! Thank you all for your support, means a lot to me :D


3. Plans

"That was a great speech, Amy." said Kaylie as we walked out of the classroom towards our lockers. "Oh yeah, what was it about then?" I sneered at her. I was still mad that Lucas had completely ignored my passionate speech. "Chicken farming. See, I was listening!" "I think you were the only one. Even Mr Monroe looked half asleep..." I said to her. "Yeah, well at least you don't need to worry about that any more! Now we can focus on the beautiful dresses we're going to buy for prom" Damon was leaning against  Kaylie's locker, so I made myself busy while they kissed and spoke quietly to each other.  I was actually so jealous of Kaylie. I wouldn't admit it, but she had everything. Popularity, a boyfriend, and her parents bought her whatever she wanted. Practically perfection. I didn't really know why she hung out with me. Maybe looking after a nerd looked good on her college application. "Hey, Amy, Kaylie told me about the prom situation. I have some friends out of school who don't get a prom. I'm sure they'd love to take a beautiful girl like you!" said Damon. He really was good looking, with surfer sunkissed hair and emerald green eyes. Of course, he was off limits as he's Kaylie's boyfriend. I could only hope that one day I'd meet someone like him. "I'm not really sure I want to go to prom on a blind date. I'd rather go by myself than with a stranger." I replied. An image popped into my mind of me swaying by myself in a corner while all the other couples danced elegantly on the dancefloor. "Come on. We'll all go out for a pizza, no strings attached. If you like him, then we'll set you two up, okay?" Damon and Kaylie were really all I needed. They were both so nice to me, even though I was completely opposite to them. I couldn't think of any boy who would actually willingly want to take me to prom, but if they were as nice and good looking as Damon it was worth a try. I kind of believed that Lucas wasn't planning on asking me to prom, so this was probably the best option I had. "Fine, but he'd better be as nice as you, Damon" I smiled at the happy couple. Damon half hugged me as he said "You have my word. Kaylie wants this to be the best night of your life, and I make it my duty to make that happen" He stood up straight and saluted me with a cheeky grin on his face. I smiled at him. He really was sweet. "So it's a date then. Tomorrow night we'll all meet at the Pizza Barn so you can meet your mystery man! See you later, Amy" said Kaylie cheerily. Damon winked and said "Bye" as he walked off hand in hand with Kaylie. I placed my back against the locker and slid down with my head in my hands. Was this such a good idea?

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