First Day In Forever

Amy has always dreamt of being prom queen, but not being part of the popular group hasn’t helped her. Neither has not being able to get a date, when she really wants Lucas, her crush, to ask her. When her best friends suggests a blind date, Amy decides to take the plunge, but will it all work out?

Leave me a comment saying if you’re Team Logan, Chace or Lucas :D Thanks xoxo

I would love if you could leave me some comments as to what to include next in the book, because I’d love to hear your ideas for the plot! Thanks :D

© Ciara Murphy 2011

UPDATE Hey, everyone – it’s been a while! Anywho, an updated draft of FDIF has been sitting on my computer for a while, so I thought I may as well upload it as I continue to make improvements. This way, I can take your comments into account and hopefully each edit will be better than the last! Thank you all for your support, means a lot to me :D


4. Perfect

"Amy, you can't wear that! You have to look good for him!" said Kaylie as she took in my outfit. "Good to know all my clothes suck" I said as I took off my top. "Not all of them, surely. I just want you to look nice for your date tonight. Who knows, maybe he's the one!" Kaylie continued rustling around in my closet, occasionally taking out outfits only to make faces at them and return them to the closet. After about ten minutes of this routine, Kaylie had placed a little black dress on my bed. It was one of the few dresses I actually owned, and had worn it about once. "Flirty, but fun. Casual, but catching" she said as I eyed the clothes. I put them on as she said. When I came out of the bathroom, she pretended to gasp. "Perfect. Damon's friend is bound to fall in love with you now!" she said smiling. "Here, put on this necklace, and then we'll go" She handed me my expensive crystal necklace which I only wore for special occasions. I suppose this did count as one though, as I was potentially meeting my future boyfriend. I didn't want to look like I was trying too hard, but I put it on, because it did look good. "Are we ready to go now?" I asked Kaylie, feigning exasperation. "Ooh, I'm so excited! Let's go, let's go!" Kaylie squealed as she hopped down the stairs and out the door to her car. My heart fluttered after I shut the door. This night could change my life forever.

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