First Day In Forever

Amy has always dreamt of being prom queen, but not being part of the popular group hasn’t helped her. Neither has not being able to get a date, when she really wants Lucas, her crush, to ask her. When her best friends suggests a blind date, Amy decides to take the plunge, but will it all work out?

Leave me a comment saying if you’re Team Logan, Chace or Lucas :D Thanks xoxo

I would love if you could leave me some comments as to what to include next in the book, because I’d love to hear your ideas for the plot! Thanks :D

© Ciara Murphy 2011

UPDATE Hey, everyone – it’s been a while! Anywho, an updated draft of FDIF has been sitting on my computer for a while, so I thought I may as well upload it as I continue to make improvements. This way, I can take your comments into account and hopefully each edit will be better than the last! Thank you all for your support, means a lot to me :D


2. Notes

When we finally arrived in class, Mr Monroe, our teacher glared as we walked in the door. “Miss Cast, Miss Bryson, so kind of you to join us. We’re about to hear Rebecca’s speech." I didn’t like Rebecca much. She was a ‘popular’ and the kind who would talk to Kaylie, because she was cool, but not come within ten feet of me. I could only guess that her presentation would be on makeup, or how fun her parties are, which of course I never get invited to. As she began her speech on something that was clearly straight out of Wikipedia, a note landed on my desk: ‘I can get Damon to set you up with one of his friends if you like? Love K xoxo’ I turned it over and wrote: ‘What, like Stupid Sam? No thanks, I’ll do without’ We then had a letter convo: ‘Not all of his friends are stupid, you know... And some would love to take you!’ ‘Like who?’ ‘I don’t know right now, but let me ask Damon, okay? I want this to be really special for you’ I want that too, I thought. Someone cleared their throat near me. I looked up to find Mr Monroe glaring down at me. “I hope that note is to do with Rebecca’s interesting speech?” he said sarcastically. “Sorry, sir.” I mumbled as I slid the note into my pocket. “Well, it’s your go now. One can only hope you pay a bit more attention to your own presentation...” I took a couple of sheets of paper from my bag and walked up to the front of the classroom. Some of the bratty kids laughed as they noticed my still damp shirt. I found myself wanting to turn around and shout “Its not my fault your stupid friends feel the need to ‘accidentally’ spill water down my shirt!”, but of course I didn’t, and made my way to the front of the class. As I stood there, my hands shaking, I saw that Lucas was sat in the centre at the back. He smiled at me. My heart fluttered so much I was almost afraid he would be able to see it leaping out of my chest. I couldn't really help it though. The tall football player with the floppy blond hair and blue eyes, who I've been in love with ever since he came to Monroe High just SMILED at me! ‘Look, Amy, Lucas wants to hear all about cruel farming conditions.’ I thought to myself. I don’t even entirely remember what I said, or whether I even got the words right, I was too busy looking at Lucas, even though he'd stopped paying attention to me after I'd said "My presentation is on..." All I remember is when he pulled out his phone and started texting. Across the class, Rebecca laughed quietly as she looked at her phone.

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