Looking for Love

The Diary of Isabel Ranson. A 14 year old girl looking for love. When she meets Will Breaker, she is convinced her life is complete. When Harry Stillings III comes into her life, Isabel becomes confused. Will Isabel find what she is looking for?


7. July

July 2nd

Will has deleted me off his friend list on Bebo. I feel like he has deleted me from his life. Why do I feel like this?

July 9th

I’ve asked Mum. She said first love is always the strongest but I don’t love Will. I love Harry. Or do I?

July 14th

I’m sick of feeling like this. From now on, I’m going to enjoy myself.

July 26th

I haven’t had anything to write about these past few days. Never in my life have I felt more confused. I can’t get either of them out of my mind.

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