Looking for Love

The Diary of Isabel Ranson. A 14 year old girl looking for love. When she meets Will Breaker, she is convinced her life is complete. When Harry Stillings III comes into her life, Isabel becomes confused. Will Isabel find what she is looking for?


2. February

February 1st

I’m on a roll. Not only have I talked to Will, properly this time, I have agreed to show him around the school since he is always getting lost (though how I don’t know as it took me 2 days to know my way about!). This may get interesting…

February 6th

I gave Will a tour of  the school and found out we had so much in common. He plays the guitar too, although he is so much more advanced than me. He enjoys sports, which I claimed I did too (He doesn’t do PE with me so how’s he supposed to know I hate it?).

February 9th

Talked to Will a bit more. He wants to be a teacher when he’s older. It’s good to have ambitions. I’m going to be a lawyer. We started talking, sometimes for hours on end, in school, on the phone, even the occasional letters! If someone asked me if I liked Will, the answer would definitely be yes. If someone asked me if I loved Will the answer would be too complicated to write down. That needs work…

February 16th

I’ve spent so much time with Will, it seems like I’ve forgotten all about Emily. That’s not cool. I know the rules, friends come first. I’m going to make it up to her. We’re going bowling tonight and I’m not going to mention Will Breaker AT ALL.

February 23rd

Oh dear. It turns out Emily likes Will too and she thinks that I’m helping her get him! “Thanks for talking to Will for me Izzy. You’re a true friend.” This is not good.

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