Looking for Love

The Diary of Isabel Ranson. A 14 year old girl looking for love. When she meets Will Breaker, she is convinced her life is complete. When Harry Stillings III comes into her life, Isabel becomes confused. Will Isabel find what she is looking for?


8. August

August 3rd

The summer holidays. A time to forget about everything. A time to think. Yes, that’s what I’ll do, think.

August 9th

Am I in love? Does my heart race when I see Harry? Or Will? No, no it doesn’t. I feel excited, like its Christmas every day. I feel grown up, special.

August 15th

Why do I feel like this if I am not in love?

August 22nd

I am in love with being in love. I have been searching for something that doesn’t exist. Not yet, anyway. You find something when you least expect it, you won’t find anything when you look for it. That is too true.

August 26th

I have wasted nearly a whole year of my life looking for love. I am no better now than I was then. More experienced, I guess.

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