Looking for Love

The Diary of Isabel Ranson. A 14 year old girl looking for love. When she meets Will Breaker, she is convinced her life is complete. When Harry Stillings III comes into her life, Isabel becomes confused. Will Isabel find what she is looking for?


4. April

April 1st

Emily and I are friends again. It started in school. “Hey Emily, how about we make this up?” I shouted. She looked at me then shouted back, “As if I’d want to be friends with you Isabel.” I shrugged, but inside I was hurt until she laughed and said “April Fools!”

April 6th

It’s a good job that Emily is my friend, because no one else in the school is. They are all jealous. “Why should you get Will Breaker? What makes you so special?” They’d say. That made me think. What made me so special?  Why me?

April 13th

I make me special! At least, that’s what Will said. What makes Will special? He is kind and caring. He makes my life complete. I’m going to do something for him.

April 15th

My song for Will:

You make my life complete Our love it is so deep. We will support each other, Together forever.

A drop in the ocean, A change in the weather, I was hoping that we would be together.

Bad isn’t it? Will seemed to like it though.

April 21st

Together forever? Forever is such a strong word. To be honest, everything seems a bit… boring. Can love get boring?  

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