Love is.

Metaphorical conceit of love.


1. Love is.

Love is.


The Earth,

Rounded and perfectly formed,

As it glides gracefully, encircling the yellow goddess,

 Engulfing vital oxygen that it needs

To survive.


It is possible to stand tall upon its mountains,

Gazing in ecstasy,

As you take brisk, shallow breaths.

Despite the delirium and delight,

Air fights its way to your lungs,

To keep you in this world.

There is no escaping Love.


It is also possible to collapse,

Plummet towards the ground.


Yet you can dive even deeper.

And drown in the depth of the oceans.

To immerse yourself fully in our world,

You must feel the compression on your chest,

The yearn for breath,

As water consumes your lungs.

As Earth consumes You.


Isn’t that what you want?

Love to consume you?


Earth can be interrupted.


The threat of a comet’s face can stare right at you.

Threatening your entire planet.


Yet a risk this great can be defeated,

By a face, Of a mere mortal.

A creature can assault your


Like a lion pawing at a zebra.

Molesting first the outer skin,

Then muscle,

Then organ.


Then Heart.


The Earth still orbits its goddess,

Never losing sight of its idol,

The withstanding deity that belongs To Earth.


For love, Is the Earth.

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