The tale of Amelia Smith

Amelia thinks she's being haunted by a ancient teddy that she has been forced to keep.

Is she really safe?


3. The Note

After 3 weeks I was out of hospital and still scared of that blinking teddy. Since mum thinks I've got some strange phobia of bears so she sent me to a pyhscoligist the other day to see what she can do about it, and guess what? I have to sleep with it every freakin' day of the stupid week, I just can not believe that mum hasn't even noticed it's like haunting and copying me so I felt like I had no choice but to lock it in a basket and then lock my wardrobe. "Amelia can you unlock your wardrobe?" Mum shouted, "Need to hang up your clothes!". "Ok" I said marching up the stairs. I saw the teddy on my bed and screamed again. "Oh for gods sake Amelia stop screaming at that blinkin' teddy and unlock your wardrobe please!" she shouted again. As I was unlocking the wardrobe there was a note on the inside of my wardrobe door it said: 'Dear Amelia Smith, I am your hero to tackle your problems, I'm Dr Kyle I have been studying on this bear of yours stay up till 10 o'clock in your bed  to find out dark secrets of your room. yours sincerely Dr Kyle'. "Whats that Amelia?" Mum asked curiously looking over my shoulder. "Oh nothing its just notes of pieces of homework I have to do". "Ok" Mum said. that was close I thought to myself. "Oh mum can I go up to bed at 9 tonight?" I asked. "No you've got your ballet exams tomorrow you need all the energy you can get, you're going to bed at 8, now tidy your room!" she ordered. "Ok" I said back trying to sound casual as possible. As soon as she went downstairs I hid my teddy underneath my duvet to stop me from freaking out and then slammed my bedroom door. "Right we'll need a plan to stay up till ten" I said to myself. As I scribbled down my ideas mum shouted from the dinner table. "So Amelia what have you been up to today?" Dad asked slipping a chip into his mouth. "Erm I've been freaking out, reading, writing, texting, watching tv and locking up teddys" I said as sarcastic as I can. Mum  stared at me sharply for a second. "And what have you done today dad apart from typing stuff up on your laptop?" I asked cheekily. "Well I went to the pub for a pint or two had lunch and that's it really" sounding like he was taking my question seriously. After dinner I bought up Plan A for staying up until 10 o'clock. "Mum can I have a long,nice, warm bath tonight please so I look nice for the ballet exam?". "Yeah only if you run it" Mum said chewing on a piece of pizza. "And then after wards can I watch my favourite TV show on my iPod?". "Alright" Mum sighed. As I got out off the bath it was only half past eight so I decided to tidy my room for 5 minutes before I actuaully dried myself with the towel. By that time it was 9 o'clock and I was just starting to watch my favourite film what I downloaded on my iPod. It was half past and my teddy was next to me like it was waiting just like me, I could control my fear of it now knowing that I'll uncover the truth very soon...


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