The tale of Amelia Smith

Amelia thinks she's being haunted by a ancient teddy that she has been forced to keep.

Is she really safe?


2. "Call me Miss Bump"

The dishwasher was a bore, a big bore an even bigger bore but one thing that was on top of my mind was still that freakin' teddy that is clinging onto my brain like nits would cling onto hair so I just decided to ask mum to put it in the loft, reluctantly she accepted which meant I was stress free for the weekend. "Mum can I go to the park with Lara?!" I asked from my bedroom. "Yeah Amelia don't forget your phone!" Mum replied in more of a motherly tone. As soon as I was going to go out the door I was stopped by Mum who was asking for a kiss on the cheek. "Ok have fun Bye!" Mum sang. I tried to not be be rude but I just walked off like I didn't want mum too exist.

"Hi Amy!" Cheered Lara. "Hey" I replied giving her a girly hug. "Are you Ok?" I asked Lara whilst we were walking to the swings. "Yeah you?". "Never been better" I said. "Good" She said. As we were swinging a baby and his mother were walking past I suddenly lost concentration seeing that the baby for two seconds turned into that haunting teddy of mine. "Amelia are you really Ok?". "Er yeah I'm fine honestly" I mumbled. "Alright" she sang. Lara is so easy to fool you could say that you didn't get her a birthday present whilst you're smirking and she will still believe it. "Should we go to the fish and chip shop and get our self a snack?" I asked. "Nah I'm full from brunch" She yawned back. When we decided to leave the baby in the pram turned back into the teddy again without noticing I collapsed like I was drowning in the pacific ocean, I think I broke my right wrist to it seemed to be throbbing like mad it was the only thing I could feel whilst I felt like I was still drowning...

"Amy,Amy" I heard Lara say. My eyesight was poor for a couple of seconds but as it came back I realised I was in a Hospital. "Amy?" Lara said again like a dog desperate for some food. "Call me Miss Bump" I mumbled back looking at my right wrist covered in cast. As I was trying to sit up on my hospital bed, Lara gave me the biggest hug in the universe it's like she was pretending to be my Mum and at that very second my real mum came in. "Are you ok love?" she asked, "I bought Mr Cuddles for you!". I realised she was holding the haunting teddy that was wearing a cast. "Mum keep that teddy away from me!" I screamed. "Whats wrong don't you like it?" She said like I was some physco baby. "I don't like it I absoulutely HATE IT!" I screamed. "Ok, Ok" She sighed putting it in her bag. I felt relieved that that teddy was out of my eyesight for once, Because I was so sick of that sick teddy I decided to pretend to go to sleep to shake it out.

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