The tale of Amelia Smith

Amelia thinks she's being haunted by a ancient teddy that she has been forced to keep.

Is she really safe?


6. 12 o'clock

35 minutes later is was still crying, Dr. Kyle still hugging me. "Can I run away and never look back?" I asked. "You can hide with me" he said, "I have been trying to run away from it to you know thats why I am helping you, The hallway we walked down was a secret base for me and now you In Alaska and that teddy sucks the mirror to try and suck in what you done that day whilst trying to catch me" he said. As we decided to hide with each other, we both bravely walked out the wardrobe the teddy was standing there with a knife with children's names written all over it. "Amelia Smith and John Kyle" It laughed,"Would you like to join my brothers and sisters?!". He was showing off his knife as if it was a trophy. We both looked at each other scared and ran into the mirror there was crying in the background that sounded like my mother...
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