The tale of Amelia Smith

Amelia thinks she's being haunted by a ancient teddy that she has been forced to keep.

Is she really safe?


4. 10 o'clock

"5 more minutes" I whispered to myself. As I was about to go to sleep I woke up by something next to me moving to my large mirror sucking in a blinding light, It was the teddy. Knowing not to scream, I stayed calm studying every moment carefully, Whilst the teddy was stealing my actions I went to my wardrobe expecting another note, I was right there was a note this time on a blue post-it and this time it said:'JUMP INTO THE MIRROR'. As I so desperately want to uncover the cursed seceret I cautiously jumped into the mirror I arrived in a hallway with many doors, the one at the far left end said:'Dr Kyle head detective'. I ran down the hallway to his office and banged hardly too scared to look back. As someone opened the door I ran inside shaking like an old lady. "Sorry sir" I said embarrassed. "It's ok, you must be Amelia" he said kindly waiting to shake hands with me. "Please sir call me Amy" I responded. " Take a seat" he ordered. As I sat down there were pictures of teddies and diagrams. "Um Dr. Kyle, why are pictures of my teddy bear scattered round your desk?" I asked still shivering to the bone. "Like I said I've been studying it" He said normally. "Yeah but why?". "To keep you safe, you see Amy I am a proffesional detective with enough
Power and equipment to study on aliens or even just living things like you and me just different" He said in his posh voice of his. "So what have you learnt about my teddy?" I asked. "Follow me" He replied. As we were walking down the corridor he made us stop at storage room number 6 and got out lots of notes and stuff what looked confusing to use. As we carried on walking we stopped at the mirror and offered me to walk through. "I promise I'll come in after you" he said trying to encourage me. When we walked through the teddy was now on my bed game. "What time is it?" He asked. "10:22" I said looking at my digital alarm clock. "Ok go and lock your door" He ordered. As I locked the door I heard laughing from my teddy without screaming I just stared at it whilst Dr. Kyle was examining it and studying my furniture. "5 more minutes till 11 o'clock Dr. Kyle" he said bravely. "Ok just lay on your bed for me please" he ordered. As I layed down it was two minutes to 11...
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