Love Kills

Willow thinks she has found herself a long term relationship but everything is not going as she planned...

(This is my entry for the valentines day comeptition)


1. The Big ask

Picture this: Your arch enemy fancies you and sends you 12 valentines day cards to you every year and you are starting to actually like him too, trust me it is not a pretty sight. “Time for school shouted mum from the kitchen”.  “Okay”, I huffed back flopping out of bed like jelly. After I got dressed ready to go out for a brand new day I started thinking about Joe my sort of crush and enemy deciding to myself if I am going to ask him out. “Willow, Cathy is here!” shouted mum yet again. “Alright”,  I said slipping a bit of bubblegum into my mouth. “Hi Willow”, Cathy said. “Hey”, I replied. “Are you OK?” questioned Cathy. “ What, er Yeah” I answered. Cathy gave me ‘the look’, her light blue eyes darted at me softly and she raised her eyebrows.  “ Erm OK. Y’know Joe?” I reluctantly said. “ Yeah what about him”,  she said anxiously walking now a bit more slowly. “I’m going to kinda”, I was interrupted by Cathy. “Ask him out?” Cathy said finishing off my sentence. “Yeah”,  I shyly whispered back. “O, M, G” Cathy said back saying each letter slowly which annoyed me. “I know it’s a bit awquard right?” I croaked too embarrassed to actually speak properly. “Totally, don’t you hate him?”. “ Yeah I know I agree with you it’s just”.  I stopped realising that he was only a few metres ahead of us. Whoops. “ Hey  Willow”,  he said the same as usual giving me yet again a cheeky wink. “Um-er Joe can I talk to you like in private?”. “Alright”, he said in a flirty tone. As I took him to the emptiest corridor in the English Dept. “Right what is it?” He asked. “Em the thing is er…”. “Spill it out!” Joe ordered. “Ok will you go out with me?!” I asked as fast as lightning. “Eh” he said acting like he didn’t hear a thing. “Will you go out with me?” This time I reluctantly said it slower. “Yes”, he said staring into my eyes. Then suddenly without expecting it Joe lifted my off the ground and span me round like I was some toddler and then dropped me down. “Meet me outside after school”, he whispered into my ear. We both ran off to our lessons soon as we heard the bell. “Bye Joe!”,  I shouted. “Adios!”, he responded. Soon as I got into history Cathy looked at me and mumbled “Well?”. “News flash, dating Joe”,  I replied quietly. She quickly raised her eyebrows before our lesson officially began. 

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