Love Kills

Willow thinks she has found herself a long term relationship but everything is not going as she planned...

(This is my entry for the valentines day comeptition)


4. Bat bite

I woke up in what looked like a hospital. I could only just figure that out because my eyes were all fuzzy and distorted. “Willow, Willow”, I heard Cathy saying . “Yeah what?”, I mumbled trying to get up. “Clare I mean your Mum is coming soon”. When my eyesight got back I looked around. “How did you know that I was at Joe’s? And how did…?”. “I can’t lie to you Willow I followed you and Joe”. “Why?!” I shouted ever so slightly. “I knew Joe was up to something almost, I was just trying to keep you safe”. “It’s OK I’m sorry I just shouted at you”, I said too quickly. Cathy gave me a hug to make it all feel better. “Thanks for that hu., Where’s Joe then if you called the ambulance and all that stuff?”. “At the police getting a vampire report full, he was an unkown vampire he was too dangerous”. “Alright”, I said. Just before I was going to go to sleep Mum came down the ward looking for me. “Oh darling are you OK? I just got the call from Cathy about what happened”. “Yeah I’m fine”, I said. Soon as I was about to give Mum a hug the nurse that was looking after me came up to me showing a doctor where my hospital bed is. “Willow this is Dr. Andrews, he will be looking after you from now on”. “Ok thanks”, I mumbled. “Know what’s happened here?” He said sounding pretty freaky, “Ah yes the usual bat bite eh”. “Yeah arghhh”. I started screaming in agony I could feel a sort of liquid running through my veins. “Mum”, I weakly said “Help me”. But she couldn’t, nobody could. I felt pain like I was slowing down in a race and all I could here was my heart beating and the only thing I could feel was my tears streaming down my poor face. I felt like my life was at an end. Love really does kill… 

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