Cyclical dreams and head over heel delights

Some crap i wrote the other day.


4. Scorching

I don’t need a perfect life

It don’t mean a thing


Resting on a diamond ring

Perfection is jaded

No one adds it up

It makes a simple equation

Im of no particular moral persuasion

I will see and i will do but i will not succeed



If i wanted to wake up

With a million dollar heart

I would sell my soul on eBay

Add it all to cart

Smoke a cigarette

Like its the first one i had


Why do i always call your name?

With a cry of shame

I just know that the call out is ignored

By the one im with, and by the one i need

I know its all i can do

To be away from you

You don’t have a name

Just a suggestion of life


Why do i always think of your face?

When it's so out of place?

You have no place in a rational world

You are as good as nothing

If i begged on my knee

No one would see

Just assume im praying

You are my one and only god


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