Cyclical dreams and head over heel delights

Some crap i wrote the other day.


11. Musing over the last stick of gum with a melancholic bubble in my throat

Sickle cells

Hells bells

Ring and chime



Double helix

Fertile Felix

God sends too much and i cant bare


Breaking stares

Climbing stares

Savaged by a thousand unhappy birds

Split me into thirds

Bring me around and i can scream

Every last of my final words



Mind in two

One for me the other for you

Ying and yang

I so happily sang

You didn't see the funny side

But i can see why seeing that i died


But i went laughing

I went crying

I dried my tears on her sorrow

Found shallow solace in an angels bosom

Realised i was wrong

That i had to be strong

Pulled away from the angels lips

Found my valkyrie instead

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