Cyclical dreams and head over heel delights

Some crap i wrote the other day.


12. Luck Lolita and the traveling birds

Here it is the last will and die

Shot an arrow of hate to my eye

It was supposed to be

A violent trip to the end of the world

And i do not know when

The silencers are coming out

The cloud is drawn and i know not what is gone

What is lost

What is gained in the life like shell we live



It has my face

Like a twitching romance

Off with silencers they have a glock and they mean business

They have a real low down

And understanding of this town

They like to frown

On my wedding gown

My wife wasn't around

So i threw it on

Twisting around

Throwing my baton


I wanna know if life

Is worth living

If im addicted to

The silken and the working girls

And their red lipstick

The way that they dress

With the wrongness so right

I want to lose

I want to start a fight



Nourishing back to health

With a pelvic thrust of two

I lose my head in the clouds

I wonder how


I have every right to fly

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