Cyclical dreams and head over heel delights

Some crap i wrote the other day.


2. Frolic free as a bird, but remember your nest


Losing control for a second

I want to lean with you

Over the bridge, and into the stars

I don’t want to settle

I want to be wild dodging cars


I hate the feeling of uncertainty

But she makes it better

I want to fly in the water with you


It was only after flourishing

That my love for you grew



Did i ever tell you

Would you like to know

Did you ever here that you my inspiration


Did i let it slip

Can you even guess

I cant live with this separation



Did you never think

Was it that let it go

That love ius more than a gesticulation


Its a simple flight into the night

The songs we think are beautiful will go

But this night wont I’m so afraid

I never want to lose sight

For that i just prayed


Its a prison and i don’t know the way forward

I don’t care as long as you in the cell next to me

It feels like were on trains

And your just ahead, and i don’t want to miss your stop

Your too delicate to drop

So i cradle you now


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