Cyclical dreams and head over heel delights

Some crap i wrote the other day.


1. Damn her country eyes


Damn her country eyes

Messages come and go

In her country eyes i see that cold winter night

Bottles of moon shine and the summer wind

All different times in life


A police station

Dusted with morning make-up

And the loving tenderness

We all miss



Damn her country wit

Damn her country smile

Morning for a mourning passed

Grieving in the grey


That old sweet old bale of hay

I didn’t see it coming

You and i are a cocktail of tears

Im the bitter your the sweet



Damn her country wit

Her sweet country eyes

With that spark of life

That spark of Happiness


Were knocking back the years

Changing the past and future

You have husband and children

I have these old country eyes


Rest you hand in mine

Fair maiden of the country side

Be mine for one last time

It was the last time i cried



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