Cyclical dreams and head over heel delights

Some crap i wrote the other day.


3. Claptrap babbling over and over

A quirky way of thinking

Exceeding my logic

Creaking floorboards

Blowing up the sky

Emptying the oceans

Shooting down stars

Blowing up planets

Fly into the moon

Frisky explosions

Topple the buildings

Crack the minds


Bend the will

Resort to hell

Believe the hype

Burn the fuse

Soar out of control

Strangle the tapeworm


Dig the dugout tick

Blow the brain the pieces

Blow the conjoined minds

Slip into the shadows


Obscure reality

Dismiss dismissal

Resurrect resurrection

Dissect dissection

Subvert subversion

Divert diversion

Invert inversion

Convert conversion


Elate elation

Enlighten the dark corners

Throw soliloquised prayers

Comprehend trust

Loose lies

Inquire the desire

Bizarre in colour

Collision impact

Claptrap distract

Miss lead attention

Claptrap suspension


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