Single, But Taken

Being single on Valentine's Day is always depressing, that's why a group of friends go all out to have more fun than any couple on Valentine's Day. But will their plan back fire? Or will a burning desire come true?


1. Six Friends, One Plan and Valentine's Day

Charlene sat in Chemistry on the Monday before Valetine's Day.

'Four days to go,' she thought miserably, resting her chin in her hand.

Even thought Charlene was a talented, beautiful girl, she seemed to repel boys like two magnets with the same poles. Her long, brown, wavy hair and forest green eyes and killer smile didn't make any difference. The boys still hid. Charlene was academically strong and physically strong, an A* student and ruthless on the hockey pitch. Many times Charlene had thought about whether it was her strength that put the boys off...

"Pst, Char," a voice whispered, pulling Charlene back into the class room. She blinked and looked over her shoulder to see her best friend, Duncan, smiling at her.

"What?" she hissed, not wanting to get caught talking by her teacher.

"You still single?"

"Are you still single, Duncan. Speak properly, you idiot."

"Whatever. Answer my question."

"Duh, of course I am. I am like the thought of a bath to cats with the boys. They run like lightning. Why?"

"No reason. Well, there is a reason, I just don't know how to explain it to you. Basically, me and Jack were thinking-"

"Jack and I, Duncan. What have I told you?"

"Jack and I were thinking, and seeming as we're-"

"Mr. Dougherty, care to share you're comments with the rest of the class?" Dr. Pollard asked sourly, glaring at the disruptive teen.

"No, not really, sir."

"Quit with the attitude, Dougherty. Stay after class please. Now, who can tell me the answer to question seven?"

Charlene rolled her eyes at the troublemaker that she called her oldest and greatest friend, turning her attention back to work. The lesson dragged on for another half an hour before the bell to announce the beginning of lunch rang.

"Class dismissed," Dr. Pollard sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose with one hand and absentmindedly waving the students towards the door with the other. Charlene packed her bag, gave Duncan a hopeless smile and left the room before trudging to the canteen for lunch.

The canteen was the usual hive of activity that it always was on a Monday- it was fish and chips days, the only day Charlene and her friends had school food. Rachel, Jack, Aidan and Wednesday were sat at their regular table, waiting patiently for Charlene and Duncan to join them. It was a friendship group tradition- waiting for everyone to sit down to start lunch.

"Hiya," Charlene puffed, slightly out of breath because she'd been running. She collapsed into the chair next to Rachel and across from Jack.

Rachel, a happy-go-lucky girl with golden hair and blue eyes was Charlene's second greatest friend. The pair were always together during school and during the holidays- mostly because Duncan was always grounded and the two girls had been next door neighbours since they were seven.

Jack, a burly brunette with silver eyes was Rachel's cousin. He was also a troublemaker- Duncan's partner in crime. Charlene had always been fond of Jack, but couldn't quite describe what their relationship was. She adored Jack in every way- he was gorgeous, funny, caring- but she didn't know if he liked her in that way, so she tried to keep quiet about her crush. The only person who knew was Wednesday.

Wednesday was in joint second place on the friend scale. Charlene had befriended her in Year 7, and three years later they were still as close as ever. It had been a guess about Jack, that resulted in Charlene revealing all. Wednesday was very intelligent- top of all her classes. She had dark brown, almost black hair and matching eyes. A lot of boys found Wednesday interesting, different. She usually brushed them off and retreated to the library.

The quietest member of the group was Aidan. He was equally as interesting as Wednesday, but he was very shy. It had taken Rachel a fair amount of coaxing before he agreed to hang around with them. Aidan was also very handsome in the way that Wednesday was beautiful. He had sandy blonde hair and electric blue eyes that seemed to look into the pit of your soul in one glance. His eyes had sent shivers up Charlene's spine more than once.

"Where's Duncan?" Jack asked, obviously eager to start his lunch.

"Let me guess," Rachel began,"he had to stay after class because he got caught talking?"

"Full marks, Rach," Charlene smiled. They were so used to waiting for Duncan, they always managed to guess where he was.

"Who was he talking to this time?" Aidan inquired, examining the bottle of ketchup on the table.


"Surprise surprise."

"Did he tell you about our plan?" Jack demanded.

"N-no. He started telling me about it, well, about the fact that you had a plan, but he didn't get the chance to explain," Charlene mumbled.

"Good. He agreed that we were going to tell everyone at the same time."

The table fell silent. No one dared say anything. The tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. Jack only got annoyed with Duncan when he let something important slip. Their 'plan' was looking more and more important by the minute. Finally Duncan joined them, grinning.

"Why are you so happy?" Jack snapped.

"Cool it, Jack, i haven't told anyone. Just got myself out of detention, didn't I," Duncan beamed.

"Care to tell us what you two are planning?" Wednesday requested.

"It all starts with six friends, one plan and Valentine's Day..."



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