A weak soul

Sasha was a quiet girl from a small town in Italy. Her life was perfect until the day that her father passed away...


2. As the sun rises

Sasha woke with a sudden gasp. The pain in her back was excruciating. She tried to sit up but her arms seemed unable to heave the heaviness she was feeling. She closed her eyes and thought about her dream. She could only remember parts of it, something about ruins and jumping. She remembered feeling extremely upset and empty. It really bothered her that she couldn't remember the dream very well.

"Good morning sweety", said Mother as she came in and pulled back the curtains, letting in the faint streaks of sunlight. The light hurt her eyes, she looked at Mother; it always relieved her to see her mother standing beside her every morning, with that glow on her face. 

"Oh what happened? Had a nightmare again?", asked Mother as she wiped the perspiration off Sasha's forehead.

"I think so, but i can't remember a thing", mumbled Sasha, which wasn't entirely true but she did not wish to get anymore attention than she had already earned herself by falling down the stairs the previous week. 

She had simply been walking down the stairs when in a moment of ignorance she had missed a step, lost balance and slid down the stairs on her back which she had hurt severely. The doctor had declared a bed rest and here she was.

Her mother was the only one she'd see everyday, and that too only in the mornings or whenever she needed food or the bathroom. There was nothing to do except lie there and daydream or perhaps read a book or two. She had only a small collection of books, which contained one of her personal favorites,  The Importance of being Earnest. It was in fact a very funny play that she read over and over and thought that one day she would love to act as Gwendolen ( a female character in the play).

"I'll get you some breakfast. okay?" Mother asked with that lovely smile that always made Sasha happy. Sasha gave a tiny nod.

As mother left, Sasha looked towards the window which was now letting in ample amounts of sunlight. She let out a sigh and hoped that today would be better than yesterday...

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