Something i wrote.


1. Houses/Rooms




My god i just saw you not two days ago


Free as a bird


You look better than any memory could Is there something wrong?


You say no, you are fine


I feel fine i say You reply with a simple 'good'


That isn’t bad i guess I feel ill i know what your thinking


'When will this ass hole fuck off on his way?'


But my house aint a home yet


Im looking for a lodger


I think you need somewhere to stay


Im mistaken I go off on my way


I learned the meaning of conversations


No matter how meaningless they are


Im not well


But i got what i wanted


Three years away from you


and the rest of the world


Im sure you know


That my house it aint a home


Even with the IKEA furnishings


It's a spending disease


I have a book now


But no one to dedicate it to


Im holding back its release


Until i have someone who i can view


With dark brown eyes


As the reason this became real


Who can make my house a home?


You're walking away now


I paused in thought


I had a good chance


I had a retort


I run your way


Not a smile in sight


You turn around and i begin to speak


But it turns into a fight


Ashes to ashes


You go for blood


So do i


I try to say my house it aint a home


But you say you couldn't make it one


I believe you


I go home


Not two days ago i saw you


Once the love of my life


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