Somewhere We Belong

"Where do you go when the whole of society don’t want you, where you don’t fit in, when people go out of their way to run you out of the school even the town." Thorn hill house is a place of 'love' and 'kindness' or so it seems. 7 Kids, all with different problems, but when some go missing and the staff don’t care, its up to the remaining ones to stand up and be counted, to help find the missing kids and to finally find somewhere they belong.


1. Prologue

Every mum remembers that first cry, in the hospital, while you look so worn out; your beautiful baby cries their eyes out. That’s their first shot at life, their first view of life and in that moment there is pure happiness and nothing else. There’s tears, loads of them, and then comes the amazing part, you get to take that bundle of joy home. Your baby grows, and you there to hold their hand. You help them when their sick and dry their tears when their scared. Your there for them. Then comes the fun bit! Teenage years, you cry when they go for the first day with the embarrassing mum talk, then before you know it, it’s off to prom. That’s it end, done, finished. Notice something? Where’s the happy ever after?  That’s all any of us can remember, there’s no happy ever after, no weddings and certainly no loving parents. Would you leave your beautiful baby at the hospital if you knew they were going to end up like this? End up here.  Welcome to Thorn hill house also known as mental kids row.


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