Forbidden love...

It was a shocker...I couldn't believe it. Now this is what you would call...forbidden love


2. The second meeting...

     School's finished! Finally! I walk out as I see Nathan with some guys outside the's pretty fast at making friends. I walk past when he called me, " Hey, Susan! Wait up! I was waiting for you...wanted to walk home with ya you know?"

" Err...sure. How was your first day?"

"It was awesome and my classsmates are cool too."

We walked on and I could sense him staring at me in a way which made me very uncomfortable.

" So'd you like your new home?"

" It's cool. And I think I like my new neighbour too."

Now I wasn't excpecting that...

" Well I think you're very nice too,"I answered politely.

" So how about me and you go check out the mall on the know, just you and me?"

I hesitated to answer when his cool, soft hands slipped into mine.

"Um, sure. Why not?"

" Coo! Then I'll see ya later yeah,"he said as he went on to his house.

I stopped to think for a while. Had he just asked me out? On a date? Woah...a bit too quick ain't it? But I guess I couldn't say no to that... 


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