Forbidden love...

It was a shocker...I couldn't believe it. Now this is what you would call...forbidden love


3. The date...

     I wore my purple lace top and skinny jeans today for our 'date'! I actually couldn't wait! I walk out out the house and can't help smiling because I fell like a princess! He was right there waiting for me looking gorgeous as usual!



He linked his arm through mine as we walked to the mall.

     The day was cool and we went to different shops and stuffs and later grabbed some pizza before coming back home. I even had my first kiss!!! I can kiss!  It was great knowing him!  It was quite a coincedence when we both said we had divorces parents. Although he lives with his dad and me with my mum.  We're so alike which means we're perfect for each other and now I can't even wiat for my next daTe...!

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