Why not me?

guy likes girl
-girl studying boy comes in to take reference book
-take same book - hands touch
-walk seperate ways - boy is obsessed
how he feels for girl
-heart pounds
-trouble talking to her - sweaty and hot
how he plans to kiss her
-trying to gain attention
-reconstruction in his head
describe boy and girl
-description of girl (head-toe)
enter boyfriend
-how current guy feels


1. Why wasn't it me?

Waking up in the morning, I would have never thought, Going into the boring library my attention would be immediately caught. Love hearts, teddies, balloons and cards, facing Valentines Day alone was really hard. My intension was to pick out a biology reference book, But when my hand touched her hand I stopped to have a look. She gave me a generous look and left with a flirtatious smile, My mouth remained open, I was in love, It felt as though my heart was racing a mile. The cold weather was oblivious to me, Her exquisite face and alluring figure was all I wanted to see. It felt as though a tsunami was upon me, Just a glimpse of her beauty set my soul free. My longing desire grew at a rapid speed, My hunger for her love, My passion for her love, My yearning for her love would not heed. The closer I went the more my lips started to shake, I want her in my arms and this was a chance I was willing to take. I need her right now; I need her in my life, Wedding bells were ringing- could she be my wife? 5 steps closer, I reached out to touch her shoulder... THUD! It felt as though I was hit by a boulder. He walked in with such charm complemented by his sleek brown hair, He pushed past me with the strength of a bear, as I wiped away a single tear. In his hands were love hearts, teddies, balloons and cards, Who knew such a bitter rejection would be so hard. She strolled away hand-in-hand and that was all I could see, I cried myself to sleep last night thinking why wasn’t it me?  

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