Forever Young

When Idris stumbles across an abandoned warehouse strange things start to happen


4. Alive

When Idris awoke the next morning she thought it was all a dream and everything was over, she sat up in her bed and looked around her tiny bedroom, everything seemed normal then she remembered Nelly.

"Nelly? Can you hear me?" she spoke out loud.

"Yes I can hear you Idris" Nelly spoke in Idris' head, Idris started to breathe fast.

"What is wrong?" Nelly asked her softly, Idris stayed silent and went to look out of the window she could see the warehouse and the hill. She started to panic and she went back to her bed and sat on it for a minute before finally finding the words.

"Nelly, how old were you when you died?" Idris asked smoothly.

"I was 14 the same age as you" Nelly replied simply.

"And when is your birthday?" 

"October 12th also same as you" Nelly told Idris.

"Then how come I dont know you? We dont go to the same school and i've never seen you before" 

"I didnt say the same year"

"Oh okay sorry what year?"


"Why did you go into the warehouse?"

"My friends they dared me to"

"Your lucky you had friends"

"No not really, they thought I was strange, I believed in ghosts you see, and now I am one"

"Very ironic"

"Yes, and there is no way of getting me out of you! Idris you will now live life as 14 and you will never age, you are forever young, something I could never be but now i've got you"

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