New Girl

A story about a young girl who moves and comes to a new school and is very scared she doesn't fit in with anyone


1. New Life, New House, New School

My new life, my new house, my new school.

All I can say is this will always be my life.

We're always moving me and my family.

Never stay in one place.

So I went walked down the street.

I saw a few kids around my age.

They just stared at me.

Like I was an animal in a zoo.

and I hated it.

I would never fit in here.

So I went back inside.

Up to my new room.

I went through my boxes to find one thing.

A memory box.

Full of photos, cinema tickets and other things.

It was red with white spots.

I just sat there on the floor in my new room.

In my new house.

In my new street.

In my new life.

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