New Girl

A story about a young girl who moves and comes to a new school and is very scared she doesn't fit in with anyone


2. First Day

The next day I woke up.

I got dressed in my school uniform.

I went downstairs for my breakfast.

I didn't eat anything.

I just grabbed my bag and went to the bus stop.

It came and I got on.

People were staring at me.

I took a seat next to a window.

Nobody sat next to me or talked to me.

When we arrived people in our year went to the hall.

We were sorted into our classes.

I made my way down the corridor into my new class.

I sat on a desk near the window on my own.

I stared out and doodled a little in my doodle book.

It was a long day.

Nobody spoke to me.

People did pick on me.

They bullied me.

I hated it.

At the end of school I went back home.

I lay on my bed.

And I cried.

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