lovers lullaby

there is a poem out there called cutters lullaby. it makes me sad, so as a gift to my girlfriend and the rest of the world i suppose, here is my variation of it.


1. To Libby

Take my hand and close your eyes, and dream of pretty butterflies,

that flap their wings so close to thorns, I'll get you through things you've endured.

Your red lips shine so bright, just one kiss feels so right.

If you dream of blood trickling down, and wake up just before you drown,

I will be there to stop your tears, and i will kiss away all your fears,

so tonight if you start to cry, whisper lovers lullaby.

Hushabye baby, and smile at your life,

you still have a pulse and your pillow looks nice,

your family love you and i wont let you bleed.

so sleep close to me because i'm all that you need.

Rockabye baby broken and scarred, you didn't know it could be this hard,

I will help you with the pain you hid in your head, think of me tonight as your laying in bed.

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